Your contact at CyberForum

CyberForum e.V. organization is composed of a Board of Directors, Joint Board, Trustees Board and the CyberForum employees -  the CyberTeam. Whether you have questions about the network, support to founders, recruiting or international projects - our CyberTeam is happy to answer you.  

The board of the CyberForum

Our board of directors consists of personalities from politics, economy and administration. The board is elected at the annual General Meeting and is responsible for the strategy. 

Board of Directors

Bild: Matthias Hornberger
Matthias Hornberger

Chairman of the board

Kizoo Technology Capital GmbH

Bild: Michael Kaiser
Michael Kaiser


Wirtschaftsförderung Karlsruhe

Bild: Markus Hennig
Markus Hennig

Board member

Riverbed Technology Labs GmbH

Bild: Ralf Schneider
Ralf Schneider

Board member


Bild: Hubert Meier
Hubert Meier


Volksbank Karlsruhe

Bild: Dirk Fox
Dirk Fox

Board member

Secorvo Security Consulting GmbH

Bild: Martin Hubschneider
Martin Hubschneider

Board member

CAS Software AG

Bild: Dirk Schwartz
Dirk Schwartz

Board member

Founder Chrono24 GmbH

Joint board

Bild: Matthias Grund
Matthias Grund

Board member

andrena objects AG

Bild: Markus Kambeck
Markus Kambeck

Board member

kambeckfilm GmbH

Bild: Holger Kujath
Holger Kujath

Board member

Knuddels GmbH & Co. KG

Bild: Prof. Peter C. Lockemann
Prof. Peter C. Lockemann

Board member

FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

Bild: Prof. Hans-Peter Mengele
Prof. Hans-Peter Mengele

Board member

IHK Karlsruhe

Bild: Frank Roth
Frank Roth

Board member

AppSphere AG

Bild: Marc Sesemann
Marc Sesemann

Board member

Sparkasse Karlsruhe

Bild: André Hellmann
André Hellmann

Board member

netzstrategen GmbH

Bild: Dr. Jakob Karszt
Dr. Jakob Karszt

Board member

Entrepreneur & Business Angel

Bild: Antje Leminsky
Antje Leminsky

Board member


Bild: Dr. Oliver Mauss
Dr. Oliver Mauss

Board member

Former CEO United Ventures AG

Bild: Jan Reichert
Jan Reichert

Board member

kr3m. media GmbH

Bild: Martina Sauer
Martina Sauer

Board member

Blueconomy GmbH

Bild: Jan Wiesenberger
Jan Wiesenberger

Board member

FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik

The CyberForum Trustees Board

A Trustees Board was appointed to promote the interests of the association. The Board members are composed of up to ten people from politics, the economy and administration. Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz, Mayoress of the city Karlsruhe, is the Chair of this committee.
Her duties as Mayoress include finances, investments, economy and employment, city marketing, congresses, exhibitions, events, tourism, utilities, traffic and ports as well as area management.  

Bild: Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz
Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz


Economic Mayor City of Karlsruhe

Bild: Margret Mergen
Margret Mergen

Board of Trustees

Mayor City of Baden-Baden

Bild: Anita Berres
Anita Berres

Board of Trustees

Berres Strategy Consulting

Bild: Prof. Dr. Holger Hanselka
Prof. Dr. Holger Hanselka

Board of Trustees

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Bild: Prof. Dr. Frank Artinger
Prof. Dr. Frank Artinger

Board of Trustees

Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

Bild: Dr. Friedrich G. Hoepfner
Dr. Friedrich G. Hoepfner

Honorary Chairman CyberForum e.V.

Hoepfner Strategie

Bild: Cornelia Petzold-Schick
Cornelia Petzold-Schick

Board of Trustees

Mayor City of Bruchsal

Bild: Gabriele Calmbach-Hatz
Gabriele Calmbach-Hatz

Board of Trustees

Papier Fischer

Bild: Prof. Dr. Norbert Höptner
Prof. Dr. Norbert Höptner

Board of Trustees

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

Bild: Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel
Dr. Christoph Schnaudigel

Board of Trustees

District of Karlsruhe


Our management represents the ICT industry and the digital site Karlsruhe - in other words, you and your interests. 

Bild: David Hermanns
David Hermanns

Chief Executive Officer
+49 721.602 897-0

Bild: Sina Knolle
Sina Knolle

Assistant to the management
+49 721.602 897-11

Bild: Michael Rausch
Michael Rausch

Chief Operating Officer
+49 177 5156777

Network administration & services

Do you have questions or suggestions? Are you looking for contacts or ideas? We will be happy to help you further 

Bild: Claudia Wackershauser
Claudia Wackershauser

Administration & Services
+49 721.602 897-0

Bild: Katrin Ferber
Katrin Ferber

Apprentice for office management
+49 721.602 897-46

Bild: Kerstin Weber-Sanguigno
Kerstin Weber-Sanguigno

Community Management
+49 721.602 897-22

Bild: Thomas Hetze
Thomas Hetze

Apprentice for office management
+49 721.602 897-0

Communication & marketing

Are you looking for press information, do you have questions about the figures, data and facts about CyberForum or our social media accounts? We are happy to help.

Bild: Christian Birnesser
Christian Birnesser

Communication & Marketing
+49 721.602 897-21

Bild: Christine Häfele
Christine Häfele

Communication & Marketing
+49 721.602 897-20

Bild: Nadja Eiselin
Nadja Eiselin

Communication & Marketing
+49 721.602 897-34

Bild: Maxine von Grumbkow
Maxine von Grumbkow

Communication & Marketing
+49 721.602 897-20

Bild: Diana Gedeon
Diana Gedeon

Communication & Marketing
+49 721.602 897-45

Event management

Would you like to visit one of our events or do you have any ideas for workshops and collaborations? We are your contact partner! 

Bild: Regine Fischer
Regine Fischer

Event management
+49 721.602 897-13

Bild: Lisa Fuchs
Lisa Fuchs

Event management
0721.602 897-14

Bild: Selina Lutz
Selina Lutz

Event management
0721.602 897-49

Bild: Katharina Duffing
Katharina Duffing

Event management
+49 721.602 897-36

Personnel & recruiting

Are you looking for specialists or do you want to enter the IT branch as an apprentice, specialist or professional? We can offer you many services for specialists and recruiting.  

Bild: Beate Scheuermann
Beate Scheuermann

Personnel & Recruiting
+49 721.602 897-18

Bild: Tanja Enzmann
Tanja Enzmann

Personnel & Recruiting
+49 721.602 897-42

Bild: Dr. Michaela Maier
Dr. Michaela Maier

Personnel & Recruiting
+49 721.602 897-17

Bild: Dörte Schäfer
Dörte Schäfer

Personnel & Recruiting
+49 721.602 897-32

Bild: Jonas Bart
Jonas Bart

Personnel & Recruiting
+49 721.602 897-19

Bild: Stephan Kallauch
Stephan Kallauch

0721.602 897-48

Business development

Are you interested in founding a business, would like to invest in one or have questions about founding and growing a company? We will be delighted to help you.

Bild: Tanja Müller
Tanja Müller

Investors network
+49 721.602 897-24

Bild: Bettina Schmied
Bettina Schmied

+49 721.602 897-40

Bild: Martina Hardt
Martina Hardt

Business Development
+49 721.669 990-14

Bild: Christian Kurrle
Christian Kurrle


Bild: Daniel Karszt
Daniel Karszt

+49 721.602 897-31

Bild: Markus Rommel
Markus Rommel

Business Development
+49 721.602 897-25

Bild: Oezer Kopdur
Oezer Kopdur

+49 721.602 897-50

Bild: Daniel Heuser
Daniel Heuser

Business Development
+49 721.602 897-51

Business ecosystem development

Are you looking for exciting companies in Baden-Württemberg and a factual exchange about digitalization topics in all southwestern regions? We can connect you with the digital economy players in Baden-Württemberg.

Bild: Gennadi Schermann
Gennadi Schermann

Business Ecosystem Development
+49 721.602 897-28

Bild: Julia Kreis
Julia Kreis

Business Ecosystem Development
+49 721.602 897-16

Bild: Ceren Akbaba
Ceren Akbaba

Business Ecosystem Development
+49 721.602 897-43

Bild: Janis Stöckle
Janis Stöckle

Business Ecosystem Development & International Affairs
+49 721.602 897-38

Innovation & international matters

Do you want to enter new markets with your business or have a suitable idea for a funding project? We help you implement it.


Bild: Tamara Högler
Tamara Högler

Innovation & International Affairs
+49 721.602 897-29

Bild: Dr. Annalisa Zuccotti
Dr. Annalisa Zuccotti

0721.602 897-41

Bild: Dr. Ralf Trunko
Dr. Ralf Trunko

Project management
+49 721.602 897-35

Bild: Martin Hofmann
Martin Hofmann

Funding projects & Financial accounting
+49 721.602 897-39

CyberForum Süd

CyberForum is able to support companies in the southern TechnologyRegion due to its office in Baden-Baden: CyberForum Süd is particularly focused on businesses from the IT and hightech sector, media and creative industry, manufacturing industry as well as financial technology. 

Bild: Dr. Christiane Klobasa
Dr. Christiane Klobasa

CyberForum Süd
+49 721.602 897-27 | +49 7221.403 857-4

Bild: Philipp Dotter
Philipp Dotter

CyberForum Süd
+49 7221.403 857-5 | +49 721.602 897-15

Central organisation

We ensure that the CyberForum works. We make the network available to you, sometimes more behind the scenes.

Bild: Sonja Litinas
Sonja Litinas

+49 721.602 897-12

Bild: Peter Balzer
Peter Balzer

(internal) IT-Development
+49 721.602 897-33

Bild: Andreas Bertsch
Andreas Bertsch

Project Engineering & Controlling
+49 721.602 897-26

Bild: Zeynep Aktas
Zeynep Aktas

Team Support

Economic support

We work closely with the City of Karlsruhe’s Economic Development Department to represent the interests of the IT sector even better. Your and our contact partner in the city. 

Bild: Ralf Eichhorn
Ralf Eichhorn

City of Karlsruhe Economic Development Department
+49 721.133-7340

Bild: Steffen Buhl
Steffen Buhl

City of Karlsruhe Economic Development Department
+49 721.133-7343