Successful local cooperation

Achieving more together: Under this motto regional and national companies work together and cooperate in initiatives and Special Interest Groups (SIG). CyberForum actively supports the establishment of such initiatives and SIGs and takes part in them as well – we are convinced that the degree of excellence and lasting competitiveness of the participating businesses is particularly increased by these joint approaches. 

Karlsruhe IT Security Initiative (KA-IT-Si)

“Our servers are secure” and “nothing will happen” are statements which, despite increasing network attacks and data theft, you are still frequently faced with. The Karlsruhe IT Security Initiative was established in 2001 in order to concretely and decisively improve IT security in the region and create wider awareness of the subject – for businesses as well as private individuals.  

KA-IT-Si Website

Verein der Karlsruher Software-Ingenieure (VKSI - Karlsruhe Software Engineer Association)

VKSI Verein der Karlsruher Software-Ingenieure

The Karlsruhe Software Engineer Association connects  software engineers from Karlsruhe. Numerous and excellent software technology skills are brought together: at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and other universities, in public and private economy research institutes, in many medium-sized software enterprises, and with national and international market leaders, who all exchange ideas and information with each other at the VKSI. Annual highlight: the Karlsruhe Developer’s Day.   

VKSI Website

IT Bündnis (IT Association) Baden-Württemberg

IT Bündnis Baden-Württemberg

Regional roots, national connections. The IT Association emerged from the national initiative "smart businessIT" and builds bridges in a unique infrastructure with 13 IT networks covering the whole state of Baden-Württemberg.  Digitalization and innovation potential for small and medium-sized enterprises is developed and used by over 2500 IT cluster actors. Thus, the IT Association Baden-Württemberg provides an important basis for a promising digital transformation of the Baden-Württemberg economy.  

IT Bündnis (IT Association) Baden-Württemberg Website

Medienregion Karlsruhe (Media Region Karlsruhe, MEKA)

MEKA Medienregion Karlsruhe

Creative communication: MEKA Media Region Karlsruhe e.V. unites the leading creative powers in the Karlsruhe region and is available to businesses and public institutions in various economic sectors as an expert contact partner for classical and the most up-to-date communication solutions. The skills of media and advertising businesses as well as professionals in film, marketing, music, design and much more are bundled in the MEKA.

MEKA Website

Gründerallianz (Founder Alliance) Karlsruhe

The Founder Alliance unites all institutes and facilities (public and non-profit) in Karlsruhe in a unique network which cooperates closely and has the right contact for every question about founding a business. Those interested in founding a business are sent to the right place and can access high quality and supplementary consulting and information. 

Offers from the Founder Alliance are for various economic sectors; the aim is to develop Karlsruhe into one of the leading regions for founders and businesses in Europe.  The IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts), CyberForum, Technology Region Karlsruhe, the universities and municipal institutes as well as actors from the financial and creative industry are united in the Founder Alliance.

Gründerallianz (Founder Alliance) Karlsruhe Website

Software cluster


The "Silicon Valley" of Europe stretches over the five locations of Karlsruhe, Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken and Walldorf: the ‘software cluster’ based here drives the development of emerging software for digital businesses and has been promoted within the framework of the “top cluster competition” run by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. CyberForum coordinates the cluster work in the North Baden region.   

Software-Cluster Website

Current Projects

CyberForum is part of the following projects together with other German and European clusters, networks and institutions. 

Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Karlsruhe/Stuttgart

With two contact points in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Stuttgart supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and craft businesses to implement digital transformation. In addition, the Competence Center provides information on new digital applications and answers questions on opportunities and risks of digitally connected technologies.

The Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center is one of the eleven competence centers currently supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the initiative "Mittelstand 4.0 - Digital Production and Work Processes".

CyberForum e.V. joins the project as a sub-contractor.

Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center Website



It is the aim of PERMIDES to strengthen the competitiveness and foster the innovation potential of Personalized Medicine as an Emerging Industry in Europe by providing key solutions for the reconfiguration of the biopharmaceutical value chain towards a Health Economy 4.0 with a special focus on oncology (i.e. cancer treatment).

PERMIDES is funded by the EU framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, and is coordinated by CyberForum e.V. 




Supporting the transformation, strengthen the competitiveness of traditional forest-based industries: this is one of the main objectives of the FORESDA. Forest-based industries have the potential to become the engine for sustainable and competitive bio economy in the Danube Region, but, unfortunately they suffer from significant disparities, low level of internationalization, lack of cooperation, weak innovation culture, etc. Through its activities, FORESDA will transform the traditional forest-based areas into innovative, modern areas, develop innovation-friendly ecosystems aiming to improve or reconfigure the existing value chains; improve innovation culture in SMEs. CyberForum e.V. coordinates the project, which is implemented by 12 partners from nine European countries.

FORESDA is implemented in the framework of the Interreg Danube Programme and co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI). 



The “BigDieMo” (Big Data Service Industry Business Models) project began on 1 October 2015 with a running time of three years and was sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the research programme “Innovations for the Production, Service industry and Work of Tomorrow”.

BigDieMo, in harmony with the high-tech strategy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, pursues the long-term priority objective of increasing the innovation dynamic in the German economy. The project addresses the field of “process innovation through digitalization” by giving businesses from Germany an orientation and method of developing innovative data-based business models. BigDieMo is carried out jointly by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the University of Hamburg, the Friedrich-Alexander University in Nuremberg, Festo AG & Co. KG and CyberForum e. V., as well as various implementation partners.   

BigDieMo Website


Interreg Urban Inno

URBAN INNO (utilizing innovation potential of urban ecosystems) was supported as a project by the Interreg Central Europe Programm. CyberForum is coordinating the project during its three-year running time; there are 12 project partners from eight countries involved in it. 

The aim of the project is to strengthen the innovation potential of small and medium-sized urban ecosystems through the integration of so-called quadruple helix clusters. In the implementation this means, that alongside the city and the economy also regional networks and especially citizens participate in the city development and innovation processes.

In URBAN INNO, a toolbox of participative methods is further developed, improved and used in nine pilot projects in order to be available in future as a blueprint for comparable processes in urban ecosystems. 


Completed projects

The sponsorship stage of these projects has already closed. They are, however, still being carried out and supervised here for sustainability.  

Be Wiser

Be Wiser

The project Be Wiser (Building Enterprises – Wireless and Internet Security in European Regions) was aimed to inform the population about the dangers of cybercrime. Be Wiser investigates the organisation and technical research challenges in some of the best-known European RTD regions. The technological focus is on wireless internet security.

The necessity of a complete, secure system cannot be emphasized enough when balancing the users’ trust and the needs of citizens, the government and companies in relation to their privacy and safety.  If this is disregarded, Europe takes the risk of not being able to fully develop new opportunities and remaining behind on a global level considering technology rollouts, innovation and the creation of work places.  

Be Wiser Website



UPSIDE, User-driven Participatory Solutions for Innovation in Digitally-centred Ecosystems, aims to generate economic and social benefits through promoting the creation and development of user-oriented solutions when innovating in the field of digitally-oriented ecosystems.

Based on the priorities of the cities participating in the EU project and the estimated market potential, the UPSIDE partners concentrate on activities in the fields of health, traffic systems, eGovernment, mGovernment and energy to develop user-oriented solutions from a shared position which can then be implemented in all partner regions. 

The partners define a joint strategy and measures within these areas to develop and promote innovation systems which are capable of speeding up the cycle of research, innovation and acceptance in real-life surroundings.  

UPSIDE Website 

CentraLab – Central European Living Lab for Territorial Innovation


Results from research and development are put into a practical context to facilitate an active contribution from users.

The main aim of the project is to convert Central Europe into an open sector laboratory for innovations which considers social, organizational and technological aspects. 

Ten partners from eight countries have united to pursue this objective together. CentraLab would like to illustrate the competitive advantages of these new innovation applications in order to promote territorial cohesion, integration, the sharing of experience and the development of partnerships between the countries.   

CentraLab Website



The Interreg IVC project “ClusteriX” aims to enable regional authorities the identification, analysis and opening of potential of future strategic cluster developments through sharing experiences and proven practices between nine partners from eight different countries. 

The priority aim of ClusteriX is to raise the competitiveness of the European regions and their innovation potential to create a so-called “Smart Specialization” (intelligent specialization) through improvement and the strategic realignment of cluster politics. 

ClusteriX is further concerned with the financing of cluster support, the driving of newly created industries through cluster development and the creation of a framework for networked cluster cooperation between the partner regions. 

CyberForum e.V. is involved in the project via the Karlsruhe Economic Development Department.  

IT2Rhine 2020


The Upper-Rhine is growing together: with every project. Under this motto the project IT2RHINE 2020 E-commerce has the aim of facing the challenges of cross-border electronic business traffic in the Upper Rhine region and finding suitable solutions.

The initial project aim is to determine through specific investigations and a practice-oriented approach in the border area why the electronic business traffic is stagnating and not developing further, although in general it shows a two-figure increase.  The project thus fulfils one of the aims of the EU Commission’s Digital Agenda (2010).

In a second stage the project partners will sensitize a large part of the e-commerce players in the Upper-Rhine area to regional on site e-commerce, and provide encouragement and support.  

IT2Rhine 2020 Website 

Mobile Region

Mobile Region Karlsruhe

The Mobile Region of Karlsruhe provides the ideal platform for mobile solutions players from the TechnologyRegion. It has the aim of positioning the region as a leading center of excellence for mobile internet solutions. Over 50 businesses, research institutes, communities and universities are currently engaged in this community of interests.

Members have initiated, for example, their own “Living Lab for mobile end devices” in order to develop prototypes more cost-effective, faster and create them considerably simpler, and make new products marketable in a shorter time. Other members are engaged with their own project ideas in the transformation of the city of Karlsruhe as a “Smarter City”. 



In the open network “SaaS4KMU” 15 companies and 2 research and science partners have joined forces to bundle their competences for the field “software as a service” and offer flexible and consistent solutions to SMEs. 

CyberForum founded the subnetwork “Saas4KMU” in order to reach these goals in a timely manner and above all suitable for the requirements and to support the technology transfer between research and practice.   

SaaS4KKMU Website  


The Upper Rhine is further expanding its leadership position in the IT industry under the name “IT2Rhine”. The long-term cooperation in the border triangle between France, Germany and Switzerland highlights the particular strength of this economic area. The existing cross-border IT cluster activities are additionally supported by IT2Rhine. Over 15 institutions and IT networks in all three nations began the joint project in January 2009; they represent over 2,000 businesses in the IT sector in the Upper Rhine. Exchange and coordinating joint projects and events in the respective partner regions takes place in regular meetings.   

IT2Rhine Website

DIZ | Digital Innovation Centre

DIZ | Digitales Innovationszentrum

The DIZ | Digital Innovation Centre is an initiative of the IT Research Institute and CyberForum e.V. Its aim is to sustainably support the economy of the State of Baden-Württemberg, and its small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, in their digitalization efforts and thus further the digital revolution and digital transformation in the state.


Development of actions for the digitalization of the economy in Baden-Württemberg


Advising the state government of Baden-Württemberg on questions of digital transformation


Sensitization of the population for the challenges of digital transformation


Technology transfer: from research and science to business practice

As a virtual competence center, DIZ bundles the existing resources of both partners, FZI Research Center for Information Technology and CyberForum e.V., while implementing one of the fundamental principles of digital transformation: cross-cutting networking. Together with various partners cross-sectoral, sustainable and lasting solutions will be developed within the framework of the Digital Innovation Centre while enhancing the future competitiveness of the state.  

You can find further information at the website of the DIZ | Digital Innovation Centre


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