2nd Mentoring Workshop shows interesting insights

CyberForum 21.08.2018

On 22.06.2018, the second Mentoring Workshop of the Interreg DTP Project FORESDA was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During the workshop, examples of best practices of technology transfer in the wood sector in Slovenia were presented, as well as complementary cross-sectoral projects, and a capacity building lecture was held.

In the frame of the first theme, two topics were presented: Firstly, Architecture experience and society, where it was stressed, how important our living environment is and how a good environment can be reached by using wood as construction material. The second topic was about wood protection. Wood protection is important in everyday use, as correctly protected and installed wood material can have a longer lifetime. Examples and consequences were shown, in case wood is not properly protected and installed.

In the frame of the presentations of complementary cross-sectoral projects, three projects were presented: S3-4AlpCluster (Interreg Alpine Space), CirculAlp (ARPAF), and Moveco (Interreg DTP). The projects’ purposes and results were highlighted to find common cooperation points.

The last part of the workshop consisted of a Capacity building lecture: the DanuBioValNet project (Interreg DTP) and its Cluster Management Tool Box for bio-based industry were presented. The Cluster Management Tool Box is related to the development of new cluster services that could support the internationalisation of clusters. The participants had the opportunity to hear about best practices, e.g. regarding the connection of companies in the high tech business, the increase of the visibility of a cluster at international level and the generation of new impulses or partnerships for joint developments.

FORESDA is an Interreg Project, funded by the European Union, and CyberForum e.V. acts as lead partner. The project, which has started on 01.01.2017, is running for 30 months.


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