Clusterize Network is growing

CyberForum 11.12.2017

 Innovation Technology Cluster (ITC) is a non-profit organization located in Technology park Murska Sobota, North-eastern part of Slovenia, bordering to Austria, Hungary and Croatia.  In 2017 Cluster was formed to foster cross-sectoral innovation based upon novel technologies and ICT, while bringing together SMEs and other institutions from different sectors and turn them into being ‘’Smart’’.

The Cluster focuses its effort in setting up foundation that allows knowledge actors and industry players (especially SMEs) to detect, create and exchange new technologies and best practices, which will allow them to create new services and products, and thus generate new value chains. Furthermore, ITC cluster strives to set up and implement strategies and action plans to achieve stable growth of cross-sectoral innovation at national and international level.

As a member of Technology Park, ITC strives to establish an international ”Eco System” of companies and institutions which will be able to challenge the global competitiveness in the area of Sustainable development. Learn more and collaborate at: 

The idea behind Clusterize is to increase the collaboration between clusters and to be a useful platform to support the internationalization ventures of the members of the participating clusters.