Dynamic PERMIDES Matchmaking Event in Heidelberg

CyberForum 04.08.2017

The participants had a busy matchmaking agenda, and many of them continued their discussions for more than 1 hour after the end of the meeting. All in all, the event featured a total of 66 pre-booked matchmaking meetings complemented by active networking and discussions among the participants.

“I was very impressed by the perfect organization of the PERMIDES Matchmaking Lunch Heidelberg 2017 as well as by the opportunity to meet so many highly qualified potential collaborators for our project,” said Lutz Kraushaar of Adiphea GmbH, Germany.

The organizers of the event were also very pleased about the results of the event. “Based on the positive feedback, the energetic atmosphere and the engaged discussions we saw among the participants, we are very satisfied with this matchmaking meeting. We are sure that many of the discussions will lead to a joint application for PERMIDES funding and look forward to continuing the dialogue with the SMEs” concluded Jutta Heix, representing the PERMIDES partner Oslo Cancer Cluster. Kai Gräber, PERMIDES Project Manager for the Ci3 Cluster added: “It was very motivating to hear that the participants highly appreciated the unique partnering and funding opportunities PERMIDES offers, and we welcomed their suggestions for the next phase of the project. The success of the event is also due to the excellent collaboration with the local partners EIT Health Germany, Technologiepark Heidelberg, Heidelberg Startup Partners, the BioRN cluster as well as SAP’s Innowerft.” 

Europäische Union

PERMIDES has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and Innovation programme under grant Agreement No 691546.