FORESDA Consortium in Sofia

CyberForum 26.04.2019

The FORESDA project members organized another meeting in Sofia at the end of March. The focus of the meeting was on the joint innovation agenda, one of the most interesting but also one of the most challenging project activities.

Cross-sectoral and transnational innovation

This project activity aims to generate cross-sectoral and transnational innovation activities by providing support to at least 90 SMEs in establishing cooperation with the R&D sector. The innovation activities are getting non-financial support in different forms and SMEs involved in the innovation activities are provided with methodological and scientific knowledge in order to foster innovation, cross-sectoral and transnational thinking.

Bulgarian National Cluster Conference

The meeting was also an opportunity to participate at the Bulgarian National Cluster Conference which gathered more than 160 participants from 12 countries. Debates focused on the role of clusters, business achievements and social entrepreneurship, the synergy of components and ecosystem unity, triggering topics like innovation, clusters, and knowledge-driven economy. Cluster managers and practitioners had a chance to hear about tools and initiatives supporting international and inter-regional cluster collaboration, presented by Ms. Lucia Seel, an International Expert on Clusters. 

Status and future prospects of Cluster management excellence

In addition, Dr. Helmut Kergel, Director European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), presented a detailed overview on the current status and future prospects of Cluster management excellence labeling, a topic which is of significant importance for the future development of clusters. The conference offered a great platform for networking and experience exchange, and FORESDA was presented as an example of successful projects. 

FORESDA is an Interreg Project, funded by the European Union, and CyberForum e.V. acts as lead partner. The project, which has started on 01.01.2017, is running for 30 months. 

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