IT & Biopharma: vouchers valued up to 60.000 € for cooperations

CyberForum 09.03.2017

Advancing precision medicine in the digital age requires solutions developed in the IT and software sector, e.g. big data, machine learning, IT security, data protection, and cross-enterprise collaboration. The PERMIDES project aims at bringing together SMEs from the biopharmaceutical and IT sector to advance precision medicine through the development of novel digital solutions along the biopharmaceutical value chain. PERMIDES is supported by the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, and is coordinated by the CyberForum.  SMEs participating in the PERMIDES project can increase competitiveness and benefit from an innovation voucher scheme that will provide up to EUR 60,000 per project. About 90 innovation projects will be supported by the voucher scheme. The pre-registration for the voucher application is already open now: The official call will start March 15th 20017. 

How can you as a SME benefit?

SMEs from the biopharmaceutical sector get access to relevant partners from the IT sector. The IT companies can develop and implement tailored digital solutions to improve business and product development processes. The costs incurred for this purpose by the IT partner will be covered by means of consulting, prototyping and customised solution vouchers totalling up to EUR 60,000. The biopharmaceutical company may also benefit from new products and applications developed by the IT company within the framework of the joint project. SMEs from the IT sector get access to partners and new customers from the biopharmaceutical sector to apply and adapt their solutions to SMEs developing novel personalized medicine products. Innovation vouchers will cover their expenses, and the knowledge gained during these projects may create new products and business opportunities. 

Voucher Scheme

Consultancy Vouchers (up to EUR 5,000):

A biopharma SME can make use of an individual consultation by an IT SME, regarding a specific challenge in its value chain that could be improved via IT. A Biopharma SME can apply for multiple Consultancy Vouchers. The cumulative amount available via Consultancy Vouchers per Biopharma SME is limited to EUR 12,000.

Innovation Voucher (EUR 60,000): 

A biopharma SME will receive a customised IT solution adapted to its specific competitive situation. A Biopharma SME can apply for multiple Innovation Vouchers. The cumulative amount available via Innovation Vouchers per Biopharma SME is limited to EUR 60,000.

Travel Voucher (up to EUR 1,800):

Supporting SMEs in taking part in the matchmaking events and workshops offered by the project. Travel Vouchers are differentiated between national and international travels. A Biopharma or IT SME can apply for multiple Travel Vouchers. The cumulative amount available via Travel Vouchers per SME is limited to 6.000€.

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