PERMIDES: successful first application round

CyberForum 06.06.2017

Two months after the start of the first round of applications the project consortium was able to present a positive picture: the PERMIDES project which is funded by the European Union under the Framework Programme Horizon 2020 has aroused great interest from both the biopharmaceutics and IT branches. By the first deadline in mid-May about 50 applications for innovative projects each involving one biopharma SME and at least one IT SME and with budgets amounting to EUR 2.5 m had been received. At the same time, consultancy vouchers totalling approximately EUR 40,000 and travel vouchers for selected matchmaking events with a total value of almost EUR 40,000 had been issued. 

PERMIDES aims to increase the innovation capability of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the biopharma sector by means of innovation projects conducted in partnership with IT companies. These innovation projects have the objective of digitizing the value creation chains in the biopharma sector with the aid of IT SMEs. Funding of up to EUR 60,000 is available for each biopharma SME. Depending on the project budget, this can mean subsidies of up to 100% are granted, and for SMEs in particular this is seen as a decisive advantage over other funding schemes.

Subsidized consultancy as a stimulus

An additional element is consultancy vouchers for up to EUR 5,000 each. Biopharma SMEs requiring consulting services from IT SMEs can apply for subsidies of up to EUR 12,000 for various consulting services. Unlike the abovementioned innovation vouchers, the application and assessment process for these vouchers is continuous and is not currently subject to any application deadlines. On average, approval of a grant is given approximately one week following receipt of the application. This short processing period and the straightforward application procedure are further factors in the overall success of PERMIDES. As before, part of the project budget also goes towards mentoring and coaching activities offered locally for SMEs by the participating clusters.

The PERMIDES project in brief

Eight partners including six leading biopharma and IT clusters from Germany, Austria and Norway are cooperating on the PERMIDES project with a view to supporting the digitalization of the biopharma sector. PERMIDES has a total budget of EUR 4.8 million and is scheduled to run until 31 August 2018. Further applications for innovation projects can be submitted with immediate effect. The next deadline for applications is 31 August 2017. These deadlines do not apply to applications for consultancy or travel vouchers which can be submitted at any time.

To apply for funding, visit:

Europäische Union

PERMIDES has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement Number 691546.  

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