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SYNPRO Tool (Copyright Image: SYNERGY Project Consortium)

Finding a suitable cooperation partner for the joint development and implementation of innovation in the high-tech sector – but how? The fundamental precondition of successful cooperation is good matchmaking of cooperation partners. In this regard, the major challenge is to identify how closely the interests, expertise and competencies of a potential cooperation partner are related to the own organisation. The SYNERGY SYNPRO Tool connects organisations and persons based on common areas of interest with the aim of knowledge sharing and innovativeness enhancement in Central Europe.

Great Opportunity to connect with Innovation Actors

The open-source Synergy Profiling (SYNPRO) Tool, developed in the frame of the CE Interreg project SYNERGY, enables the targeted search for and connection with innovation actors from in Central Europe in the high-tech sectors of Additive Manufacturing, Micro -& Nanotechnology and Industry 4.0.

The SYNPRO Tool provides:

  • Project database with >250 finalised and ongoing projects in the key project areas: Additive Manufacturing, Micro -& Nanotechnology and Industry 4.0
  • Overview of detailed profiles of >300 organisations with interest or involvement in innovation projects from Central Europe
  • Competence Map for the targeted search of innovation actors and their geographical visualisation
  • Opportunities for networking, match-making and connection to innovation actors from Central Europe

The SYNPRO Tool addresses all types of persons and organisations interested in finding new contacts, trans-regional and international cooperation possibilities such as joint synergies and innovations. You can enter the SYNPRO Tool under and register your organisation or project cost-free under

About the SYNERGY Project

SYNERGY (CE 1171) is a project financed by Interreg Central Europe that comprises 7 project partners from 6 European countries, namely Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. The project aims at strengthening currently underdeveloped linkages, cooperation and synergies between companies, industry, research, intermediaries and policy makers in central Europe. The SYNERGY project partners organise regional and international workshops, network meetings and pilot actions to define and test new crowd innovation services. In doing so, a new SYNERGY Crowd Innovation Platform will be developed as a space for enhancement in open innovation, crowd funding and –sourcing.

Stay in Touch with the SYNERGY Project

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SYNERGY is funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. The project started in August 2017 and ends in July 2020. 

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