URBAN INNO at OpenLivingLab Days 2017 in Krakóv

CyberForum 01.09.2017

OpenLivingLab Days is the annual 4-day summit of the worldwide Living Lab community , and includes interactive sessions, workshops, discussion panels, and off-site visits with the aim of giving the participants a wider insight about models, theories and technologies related to Living Labs. 

This year URBAN INNO will hold a workshop entitled: "Utilizing innovation potential of urban ecosystems through citizen engagement". With the support of three experiences coming from URBAN INNO project – Informatica Trentina (Trento, Italy), E-Zavod (Maribor, Slovenia) and Kielce Technology Park (Poland), this workshop will explore the importance of involving and empowering citizens, local communities and local creative industries/designers in material research, bridging the gap between government, industry and citizens/local entrepreneurs, as an important step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly economy and society.

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