IT training: A job with a future 

Which job is suitable for your own strengths? Simply applying is perhaps not the best method when it is about your own future. We offer an all-round package for IT enthusiasts who are prospective trainees: starting with tests and personal talks about suitable suggestions for professions up to placing with member companies that carry out training.

Why you should apply via CyberForum

We will give you access to numerous different training companies and to professions such as qualified IT specialist, IT system sales specialist, media designer and also sales professions.

Vocational guidance

We will look at which profession suits you in a personal talk

Application training

We will give you important tips to prepare you for job interviews


We will jointly find suitable training companies with training for you


You can reach up to 1,200 member companies with one application through us

Skilled occupations

We place trainees in these professions in our over 1,200 member businesses from qualified IT specialists and business professionals to media designers.   

Qualified IT specialist in application development
Qualified IT specialist in system integration

Are you and your computer the best of friends? System errors and other glitches don't make you break into a sweat because you almost always have a ready solution?

Then you should turn your hobby into a profession and become a qualified IT specialist for system integration. Training in the IT industry is multifaceted, dynamic and gives you exciting jobs.

An overview of the job

  • You plan, install and configure IT systems 
  • You systematically find and eliminate sources of error
  • You give colleagues and/or customers technical support 
  • You pass on your knowledge in the form of training and instructions

Possible assignments

  • Software companies 
  • IT departments in large businesses
  • Software consultancy companies


  • Good secondary school level certificate or higher education qualification, initial study experience welcome 
  • Good grades in mathematics and English
  • Knowledge of the hardware, network and computer system fields from school, leisure and placements 
  • Ability to work in a team and a friendly confident manner with customers
  • a class B driving licence is desirable

Are you interested? 

Then send us your application to:

IT system sales specialist

Are you unable to decide between technical and business training? Are you already enthused by everything to do with computers in your private life? Enjoy the best of both worlds and become an IT system sales specialist.

This is very varied and customer-orientated IT training. You are, amongst other things, responsible for advising customers and procuring hardware and software. 

An overview of the job

  • You professionally advise customers on planning and procuring IT products
  • You analyse customer demands and procure suitable solutions 
  • You create and calculate offers as well as financing offers
  • You support the installation, start-up and handover of IT systems

Possible assignments

  • Software companies
  • IT departments in large businesses
  • Software consultancy companies 


  • Good secondary school level certificate or higher education qualification, initial study experience welcome
  • You have initial experience of IT fields from school, placements and leisure
  • You think analytically and are solution-oriented
  • You have planning and organisational skills
  • You enjoy advising customers and economic connections

Are you interested?

Then send us your application to :

The application: You need these documents 

Have you chosen to train in one of the above-mentioned professions? Then apply to us with an application letter, CV and certificates. We will also need a list of your PC and programming knowledge. 

If you apply for training as a media designer, we will need some samples of your work (for example drawings, image processing, flyer, homepage etc.) so that we can judge your creativity. 

Please send us your application documents as PDF data (max. 5MB) to: 

The application round

If your application has convinced us, then you take part in a selection process with other applicants. A placement test is carried out and an initial personal meeting is facilitated. 

CyberForum job interview

You have passed the application round successfully? Congratulations! A job interview with us at CyberForum follows in which you can convince us why you are the right trainee for us and why you are enthusiastic about the world of IT. If you are also successful in these tasks, we will create an application profile and forward it to our member businesses who can then contact you. 

The job interview at the business

You are almost there! Your applicant profile has convinced them and the company invites you to a job interview. We have our fingers crossed for you!