Bring digital natives into your company

Recruitainment: this is recruiting and entertainment in one.  The entertaining event format gives you a chance as a company to make contacts with students, graduates and young professionals.  

catch-the-job: the travelling career fair 

Young IT experts are driven in a bus to around 15 regional employers, who deliver a pooled presentation at four company locations: with information desks and a short pitch, because at catch-the-job the businesses apply for the applicants and not the other way round!

  The event combines recruiting and entertainment and is very popular with students and graduates: over 100 young qualified specialists have taken part in the respective catch-the-job events in the past.

 Dates and further information are available at 

Hackathon: Fun and stamina at the programming marathon   

The “Hackathon”, the name of which comes from the terms “hack” and “marathon”, is a programming competition in which developers and screen designers have 24 hours to programme a useful and working product. The respective mottos are given by the organiser.  

The best teams are given prizes. A Hackathon is not a programming competition in the classic sense, rather a programming party! It is to be seen as a collective and social experience, not as “work”.  

You as a business can have the opportunity to “host” a Hackathon or sponsor one and thus gain visibility in the young tech scene.  

DevCamp: turns the classic conference upside down 

A DevCamp is a BarCamp, which is specifically aimed at young software designers. The programme is designed by the participants just like at a BarCamp. At the start of each event, every participant can make a proposal for a self-selected topic in the morning and will then have a time slot as well as a room allocated to him or her.  This special event format not only provides an atmosphere of well-being but also, above all, a great deal of potential for sharing knowledge.  

You can also appear as a sponsor at the DevCamp.  


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