Are you looking for qualified IT professionals?

Graduates and experienced professionals have many doors open to them all over the world. We can help you recruit sought-after professionals for your business and keep them in the area.

Securing specialists is one of the focal points in our network activity. Additional to our events, which focus on knowledge transfer in personnel topics, we support you in the acquisition of new employees.

Alongside classic professionals placements, you can also take part in our professionals pool and our "Open IT" project, in order to cover your needs for qualified employees.  

Professionals placement

Benefit from our many years of experience and our offers of support: 

Consultation talks

We will jointly establish your needs for qualified specialists and your requirements


We make contacts to qualified specialists and get to know them and their skills


We will propose candidates to you so that you find the ideal person for the job

Further service

We will support you on topics about personnel marketing and recruiting

Qualified specialist pool: Win-win situation for the applicant and the business 

Businesses that cannot offer an adequate job to highly-qualified applicants can further recommend them to other businesses through the qualified specialist pool. The CyberForum acts as an interface between applicants and regional businesses and forwards their applications, depending on the applicant’s wish, to selected companies. Thus, the application also reaches businesses which the applicant had not previously known about.  Businesses benefit from the applicant profile already having been checked in advance by other personnel staff and the CyberForum.

The CyberForum, through personal talks and its many years of experience in recruiting, enables the best possible matching of applicant and company interests. Become part of the qualified specialist pool and get jointly involved with other companies to ensure that there are qualified specialists in our region!

Are you curious and would you like to know more about our qualified specialist placement and our support for recruiting? We will be delighted to talk to you!  

Crossing borders: Taking new paths to become qualified specialists 

Specialists with a migration background have potential which has not yet been sufficiently used in the competition for qualified staff. Businesses can benefit from the language knowledge and business contacts of foreign qualified specialists, above all when the businesses want to become international.

The CyberForum with Open IT has developed bridging measures for academics with a finished degree from abroad who are seeking suitable work for their qualifications in the German IT industry.

The project supports those participating according to their needs with language and IT specialist qualifications so that they can continuously keep their knowledge up-to-date.

You as a business can benefit from Open IT too: the CyberForum establishes contact with qualified specialists with practical experience abroad, who contribute their know-how, their business contacts and their knowledge of do’s and don’ts in the international business world to your company.  Your benefits:

  • You will receive qualified specialists, who have gained an academic qualification
  • The know-how of applicants with a migration background can support you when internationalising our business
  • You will have applicants who match your job exactly through our precise matching process
  • You will help qualified specialists gain a foothold in the local IT industry

Would you like more information? We will be delighted to inform you in a personal consultation.  


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Open IT

The "Integration through Qualification" programme was supported with financial means from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund.