Karlsruhe - Digitalisation Motor

The IT sector is one of the strongest economic factors for the region, yet many outside the industry are not aware of this. We want to change this! 

Because of its close connections with the IT economy, universities, research institutes, cultural institutes, city and user areas, Karlsruhe has the location advantage that is useful for the current (radical) changes in digitalisation and the development of intelligent cities.   

Digital Agenda Karlsruhe 300+

CyberForum has, together with further actors from the economy, science, the City, culture and society, initiated and helped to develop the Digital Agenda Karlsruhe 300+ and now actively drives it forward under the motto "Karlsruhe – Digitalisation Motor.  For competitiveness, quality of life and sovereignty”.

The Agenda targets are, among others, to make the location as attractive as possible for qualified specialists, to help design the digital sovereignty for Germany and Europe through the unique local combination of IT and justice, and form an attractive ecosystem and network for digital change. 

Qualified Specialists

Karlsruhe combines attractive location factors for young IT specialists and for professionals


Karlsruhe, through its combination of justice and IT security, can design European sovereignty


Karlsruhe as a location for digitalisation is internationally competitive and attracts businesses

Quality of life

Karlsruhe offers a unique ecosystem of economy, science, culture and society