Mentors for startups & growing businesses

Mentoring in CyberForum gives prospective startups and growing businesses in the IT industry experienced mentors: established businesspeople who know the rules and are close to the market and customers.

As voluntary mentors, they pass on their business know-how to young businesspeople. Ideas about founding companies are supported, positioning and market entrance analysed and growth jointly driven. Classic mentoring topics are e.g. business model, positioning, market entrance strategies, team topics or preparation for an investment.

Becoming a mentor - your benefits

Our mentors are doers. You can actively support the next business generation so that typical beginner hurdles are cleared more easily. In addition, you have an interesting insight into the newest developments and trends. The requirement is membership in our network. Learn how you can become a member of CyberForum e.V.

Be inspired

Meet exciting teams and learn about new IT business ideas.

Give support

Support young innovative business people in their continued growth.

Learn about trends

Learn more about technological trends and forward-looking developments.

Be part of it

Become part of CyberForum, the largest regional IT cluster in Europe.

Becoming a mentor: criteria

Would you like to be a voluntary mentor in CyberForum? Do the following criteria describe you?

  • You are a Chair or Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CSO) 
  • Your company is located in the extended Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion 
  • You are related to the high-tech industries 
  • You have a pioneer spirit, ideally with experience of founding a company 
  • You enjoy working at eye level with young teams 

We will be delighted to provide information in a personal consultation and discuss possible starting points together!

Framework & conditions

CyberForum mentoring is purely voluntary and strategic. This means that you as a mentor are a "sparring partner", investing time and know-how to a foreseeable extent. The final decision and realisation of the mutually prepared content rests with the business person.

The teams are matched to suitable mentors via CyberForum according to their business and personal needs.

A length of 6 months is set out in the mentoring agreement. This length can be individually extended by mutual agreement. Sessions normally take place every 1-2 months. Sessions are also possible more often after agreement with the mentor.

Individual workshops as short mentoring sessions are also possible according to the initial situation and issue.

Do you also want to invest?

Some teams need support from a mentor to prepare for an investment or to find an investor. A clear limitation of the mentoring is necessary as own interests can play a part in investment intentions. A mentor can in some circumstances become an investor/shareholder too.  

If you would like to meet several teams looking for capital then meet our business angel network in CyberForum.


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