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There is always an idea at the start and you ask yourself if this idea can be successfully marketed as a product or service, how you actually found a business and what pitfalls you should watch out for. Or are you already a step further and need support to make a business plan or develop a marketing strategy?

CyberForum and the Karlsruhe economic development department have produced the Karlsruhe EXI founding voucher and offer a free founder consultation for those interested; to clarify questions about founding a business on an individual basis. The EXI founder voucher project is carried out within the framework of the Karlsruhe Founder Alliance.

Consultation for prospective founders in all industries

The consultation is open to prospective founders who aspire to commercial or freelance self-employed activity in the Karlsruhe region: from your own restaurant and marketing services to software development. Taking over a company and franchises also count as founding a business.

The Karlsruhe EXI founder voucher is specifically for founders who have founded their startup as a second job and now aspire to doing it full-time.

First stage: compact consultation

You will receive a free compact consultation through CyberForum or the city of Karlsruhe’s economic development department. The first stage is about reflecting on the current status to carry out an initial evaluation of the founding project and check the business model’s feasibility. We will give you valuable tips based on practice from our many years of experience in the startup environment and discuss further approaches with you. In addition, we can establish relevant contacts as necessary, for example in view of possible funding or financing.

Second stage: hands-on support through intensive consultation

You can apply for further support from our intensive advisors if all the questions about founding a business could not be answered by the compact consultation. This is about topics such as the detailed preparation of a resilient business plan or producing a sales strategy and a marketing plan. The intensive advisor when necessary can accompany you to talks with potential investors. The intensive consultation is financed by up to 80% through the EXI founder voucher, you as the founder only bear 20% of the consultation costs from your own funds (plus 19% VAT).

The intensive consulting is solely carried out by experienced, accredited, independent advisors and active business people who are matched according to specific areas and exactly fitting the individual needs of the founder.

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