Founder consultation: From the first question onwards

We do one thing above all in the initial talk with founders and startups: We ask questions. Every question that every entrepreneur asks. Thereby, we check your business idea for flaws, for points which are very compelling and for those which still have to be refined.

Thus, we can establish your personal needs and offer you suitable support. We can call on more than 20 years of experience as a founder network and work closely with our partners in Karlsruhe's Founder Alliance.

We will be delighted to support you in the realization of your idea. There is no fee for this support: CyberForum consultation for founders is free. 

Basics: business idea, business model, monetarization 

Having a business idea is one thing, establishing it on the market is another thing: Is there actually a market for the business? What is the competition? Who are the customers and what are their benefits? How does the business model work? How sustainable is the business project? Decisive questions are asked at the start in our founder consultation.

In addition, we are concerned with topics such as market fit, value proposition, operating figures or the financing plan and help you to plan strategically from the start.

Capital & funding: Exist, EXI founding voucher etc. 

How much capital do I need and how can I get it? Does it make sense to have an investor or crowdfunding? Which funding possibilities are there for my startup in Karlsruhe and the region? Do we need funding at this stage? Which funding is really the right one for our startup? Questions, questions, questions…

This is where we come in: CyberForum will help you to find a suitable funding programme, to make the funding application correctly and to make contact with those responsible. 

Business contacts: mentors, business angels & venture capital

It is understood that business contacts are elementary for founding a successful business. But where do I find the right contacts? The CyberForum networks more than 1,200 members from the extended Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion. Investors, business angels, mentors and experienced businesspeople from the high-tech and IT industries are amongst them.

In brief: our network gives you access to contacts which startups in particular can benefit from, e.g. for support with know-how and risk capital from our mentors and business angels in the early stages.


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