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Our startup events give you many opportunities throughout the year to meet other founders, potential team partners and investors. You can train, put your business model to the acid test and experience the variety of founder locations in Karlsruhe. We focus on your interests and ideas at CyberForum events and are looking forward to talking to you!

You can find the respective current event details on our event page or contact us…


Which business idea has potential, which business model has prospects of success? If you want to found a business you have to consider many things, get around barriers, lower risks and avoid tunnel vision.

KIT and CyberForum hold the BoostCamp, an intensive training event for founders and would-be founders in order to support new startups in these decisive first phases.

The business model of the participating startups is scrutinised, critically reflected upon and examined for potential weak points and strengths during BoostCamp. The founders are supported by experienced mentors from business and science.


Bild: Oezer Kopdur
Oezer Kopdur

Investor Network
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Business Angel Matching

Business Angels and Venture Capitalists meet three times a year with the motto "Start me up - Capital for Clever People" for Business Angel Matchings. If your startup is in the IT, web or software area and currently needs capital, this is the opportunity to make decisive contacts.

Up to 10 startups have the possibility of presenting their business idea to experienced investors, in an innovative way; you have seven minutes to convince the potential investor. Afterwards you can speak about the business model details in intensive talks with the investors at the speed-dating event.

Investor consultation hour

There are many questions you would like to discuss with an investor before the actual investment process. New companies have the opportunity to discuss initial questions about the upcoming financing or a potential cold acquisition with members from CyberForum business angel network in a personal consultation at our investor consultation hour.

Thus, you can check in the first discussion if your business model may need further work or if your startup is ready to pitch.

The investor consultation hour is directed above all at companies which currently need capital or are aiming to finance a new business project or early growth. These are generally founders, startups or new businesses.

Venture Day

Do you have a business idea from digital business and are you looking for risk capital?  Pitch your idea in a meet'n'speed format in seven minutes to venture capitalists and business angels and scoop up one of the prizes!

You can benefit in several ways at the Venture Day: you can perfect your pitch in the pitch workshop and have direct feedback from experienced venture capitalists. You can present your business idea to more than 20 investors in one day at the meet'n'speed.  Last but not least, you will meet important actors in the IT and high-tech industries and have the chance of winning a PR package and personal presentation training…


Bild: Oezer Kopdur
Oezer Kopdur

Investor Network
+49 721.602 897-50

Mentor matching

CyberForum holds the mentor meeting twice a year: an opportunity for our voluntary mentors to exchange with each other and network. If you, as a start-up, are looking for a mentor you have the possibility here to introduce yourself as one of five teams and meet potential mentors.

Founder teams are brought together with voluntary active mentors who support and advise the start-ups on different topics in CyberForum mentoring programme.  The mentors are all experienced businesspeople who can give valuable assistance from their experience to young entrepreneurs.  

TeamUp: are you looking for a co-founder?

Do you have a business idea and are you looking for a team partner to jointly implement it?  Or are you burning to become an entrepreneur but you don’t have a brilliant business idea?  TeamUp brings together that which belongs together for a successful team founding: exciting business ideas and sound specialist knowledge in different areas.  Techies meet sales people here, marketing specialists meet Excel gurus, and sales experts meet designers.  

In brief: you will find co-founders with complementary skills so that each team member can focus on their strengths. Every participant has coloured indicators on their name badge according to their expertise and search. Thus, you immediately recognise who is in which segments. You meet over beer and pretzels, share with each other and can find out if you suit each other. The CIE and  PionierGarage are cooperation partners for this event.  


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Nicolai Droll

Leiter CyberLab Accelerator
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Janina Scheerer

Community Management
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