Founded in October 1995 in Skopje, Artisoft is Recognized As the pioneer for offering SaaS solutions in Macedonia. Today our aim is to create professional, innovative and state-of-the art products and services, whichwill enable our clients to govern all their core business processes. By focusing on our clients and trying to provide the best service for them, we build relationships that are here to stay.

What makes Artisoft different from other companies is that we are never satisfied with present state of affairs, and we always strive for something new and better.

Our rich product portfolio includes products as simple as driving school solution, to a complete ERP system to support operating of complex business processes.


  • Initiative commitee "BEST of TRADO 2005"
  • MASIT - IT Excellence Award 2008
  • World Summit Award Macedonia

Products and services

  • ArtNET
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • HRM
  • DMS


IKT und Elektronik