We help to create and implement innovations. We write and run the world’s best code and software, which is invaluable for our clients’ businesses. We believe that quality comes hand in hand with the most talented people. Codete represents top level software engineers and a deep understanding of technology.

Web Solutions

We have vast experience with advanced web applications. Hundreds of satisfied clients evidence that our capacities go above and beyond the industry standard. From scalable web platforms to custom made applications, we contribute to planning, configuration, development and delivery. We operate in all web technologies at both ends to create fully functional, stable and appealing products. Our cross-functional teams contribute to multiple cross-platform projects across a variety of business verticals.

Mobile Solutions

Our mobile developers support clients’ mobile applications at the level of concept, prototype, development and maintenance using the most recent technologies for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Mobile development at Codete is flexible both for short term projects based on time/budget calculations, as well as long term support in the form of scalable teams. We build powerful iterative mobile products across multiple screens powered by heavy duty backend service.

Enterprise Solutions

At the enterprise development level we provide innovative Big Data and AI solutions to increase the online success of multiple companies. Our data scientists and architects facilitate the efficient automation of highly complex processes. With our support, business intelligence previously obscured beneath massive amounts of data becomes accessible. Our enterprise customers’ businesses achieve significant acceleration and growth through machine learning and its intelligent predictions.