Truly smart cities need smart citizens

Development, Consulting and Communication in fields of Innovation Culture, Digital Society, Open Government

Founder of Initiative Regional-Cluster Open Data Rhein-Neckar

Founder of IOX – Connecting Smart Societies

"IOX – Connecting Smart Societies" is an institute for digital culture and smart societies.

Mission: Addressing societal fields in Digital Agenda and ubiquitous computing. Developing CAPs and knowledge based dialogue to empower development of a sustainable and collaborative smart society and digital society.

Ops: Connecting ICT-related competencies and members of administration, policy makers, civic organisations, education and science. Building peer groups – from pros\' to grass root.

First and current main project: Open Data Rhein-Neckar; initiative building a regional Open Data Cluster in the area of Rhein-Neckar as condenser for digital and smart society and as ressource for economy, raising awareness, addressing and harvesting and connecting stake holders in civic society, administration, science and SMEs; identifying use cases; promoting assembly; cross border relationships; fundraising.

Provided awareness and advice to the administration of the cities within the region of Rhein-Neckar like Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen and Mannheim in matters of smart citizenship and Open Gov Data and re-use PSI, who are now taking action. Attracted the regional board of e-government officers to support us and develop an interface model. Attracting political parties to take action in political process concerning digital society and Open Data. Harvested and partly connected over 100 institutions and individuals for collaboration in using or driving Open Data. General awareness impact by public affairs measures and media appearance, also in TV with high officials. Different projects in schools for building awareness about Open Data and computing. Several learning opportunities for teachers about using Open Data in schools. Currently fund raising for broader scale.

Credibility compliant interface function between civic society, public sector and enterprises with credibility and stake holder tailored CAPs and activities and target coded communication.

Produkte & Dienstleistungen

  • Beratung
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