j-labs GmbH Agile Projects Outsourcing - Software Development Nearshoring in Poland

We are software specialists who build specific software in JAVA and .NET based on your idea.
We follow the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto. 

We offer dedicated development teams which could support your software development needs in agile nearshoring model. We provide services based on flexibility&simplicity like also full transparency. 

KEY FACTS about j-labs

  • Narrow specialization – software development in Java, .NET, Front-end and QA services
  • established in 2008, more than 150 engineers in development centres in Cracow and Warsaw
  • sales office in Munich
  • member of Deutscher Outsourcing Verband and Aspire
  • company created and managed by engineers
  • more brief information on: itakademia.j-labs.pl/landing-page

As a j-labs we provide software development engineersg for:
ABB, Akamai, HSBC, Oracle, Sabre, Samsung, Statoil – CircleK

We are active member of development community. 
We organize own events such as: 

  • j-labs IT academy (lecturers form practitioners for practitioners)

  • workshops (Practical workshops for our Clients, Hot technology areas, i.e. Microservice) 


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