Introduction of Wocess

Mitglieder 16.12.2020 wocess

Wocess is a B2B marketplace where you can offer your projects or resources to other companies.

We are an alliance of IT, Sales & Marketing and Communication professionals and we bring experience in the relevant and necessary field.

The future of the services sector will accordingly be regulated via platforms. Many companies will continue to do more and more business through platforms, so we see the potential for companies to come together with other companies and start projects through platforms.

Support each other and benefit maximally from it. Our mission: maximize cooperation, reduce competition - internally as well as externally!

We know the problem with development teams that a project has to be completed quickly and on time. This usually requires several additional resources. Wocess can make this possible and networks the respective companies together. Nevertheless, teams have downtime and can offer their services via Wocess for a corresponding project.

We would like to test our B2B platform as a business model and offer companies the possibility to offer their projects or free resources from the IT sector to other companies. It is simple, works fast, secure and the risk can be determined by everyone.

It is very easy to place a new offer for a project or resources in order to complete the requirements in time and to keep the level of workload in the development team high.

You register with your company, projects as well as free resources can be offered simultaneously. The work is done remotely in the sense of today's digital transformation. Wocess can be used as an extended distribution arm - Wocess is Sales 2.0

Our roadmap in phases:

Phase 1: Go-live with our MVP to test acceptance and customer response, prioritizing further feedback for expansion.

Phase 2: Integrate user feedback into the further development of the Wocess platform with more useful features, start with platform expansion

Phase 3: Expand the offering and service portfolio

Phase 4: Extend our service to other industries

Phase 5: Market penetration as The B2B platform in many sectors and define a standard