Accento Conference 2019


Accento 2019 - What & why Accento is an amazing combination of high-caliber conference and well-founded hands-on trainings in Karlsruhe. If you're up for two days of inspiring talks, professional sessions, interesting discussions, and new ideas around Java, JavaScript, and web development, you don't want to miss it.

  • Conference day: 24th of September 2019
  • Training day: 25th of September 2019
  • Location: Südwerk, Karlsruhe, Germany

Quick & Dirty?! Accento is Disy's passion project - once we envisioned it, we had to do it. The marvelous idea of this conference came up early this year, so we had to be quick. But we didn't want it quick and dirty. And yet, particularly in software development, it happens frequently. See the connection? While our speakers focus on their fields of expertise, they‘ll give you their valuable take on this topic. No jabber, only helpful know-how. Conference Day Preview A whole day filled with 10 inspiring talks on Java and web development in 2 parallel tracks, plenty of lightning talks, a few games, and a lot of community. It's all about getting to know new outstanding ideas, talking to nice people, and having as much fun as you can.

  • Simon Ritter - New Java Features

  • Johannes Link - Property-based Testing in Java

  • Christoph Engelbert - Oops-less Operation

  • Johannes Kissel & Michael Müller - Vue vs. Vanilla Web Components

  • Marc Philipp - Customizing and Refactoring Gradle Build

  • Robert Scholte - When fighting Apache Maven

  • Christian Stein - Testing in the Modular World

  • Peter Kröner - Black Magic in TypeScript

  • And more…

Sounds good? Get your ticket now:
Training Day Preview Accento's second day is reserved for 3 great trainings to boost your Java development skills. You're only interested in this practical part of Accento? No problem: You can get a ticket for just this day.

  • Robert Scholte - Maven from the Ground up

  • Peter Kröner - Frontend Fundamentals for (Backend) Developers

  • And more…

Party Preview No conference without afterparty: We're looking forward to chill out with you at the club and enjoy some tasty stuff, cool drinks, and good music. You definitely deserve this.
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