Accento Conference 2020

Accento 2020 - What & why

Accento is an amazing combination of high-caliber conference and well-founded, hands-on trainings for experienced Java/web developers. You're up for two days of inspiring talks, professional sessions, interesting discussions, and new ideas around Java, JavaScript, web development, and operations?Get your ticket now.

  • Conference day: 29th of September 2020
  • Training day: 30th of September 2020
  • Location: Südwerk in Karlsruhe, Germany

Continous Improvement

Whether it's writing code, operating software, or organizing a conference: Continuous improvement lies at the heart of getting it right. This is particularly true for DevOps, a topic that, next to Java and JavaScript / web development, will get the attention it deserves at Accento 2020. And it's just as important for Accento itself, where we learn from the first gig to make this one even better. Hence, it will be 2020's topic.

Conference Day Preview - 29th of September 2020

Accento 2020 will have three tracks with 15 slots, covering a wide variety of topics aimed at experienced and expert-level developers. Besides the established Java/JavaScript content, our speakers will also (new in 2020!) discuss operations - think continuous delivery, Docker, cloud, etc.

Talks will be an hour long so there's enough time to dive deep. And it's not just gonna be talks either! Expect an inspiring keynote, fast-paced lightning talks, and a panel of experts having an in-depth discussion and Q&A (topic to be determined).

More information by end of April - get your early-bird ticket before to save 20%.

Training Day Preview - 30th of September 2020

The second day will be dedicated to trainings, where you can spend eight hours learning from the best to up your dev/ops skills.

More information by end of April - get your early-bird ticket before to save 20%.

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Party Preview

No conference without afterparty: We're looking forward to chill out with you at the club and enjoy some tasty stuff, cool drinks, and good music. You definitely deserve this.

Stay in touch

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