CODE_n new.New Festival

Explore the DNA of digital innovation

"The new.New Festival celebrates innovation by bringing together everyone who is substantially passionate about tech and entrepreneurship – and embraces the chances of digital transformation.

In 2018, we made it our goal to create a top-notch innovation festival in Stuttgart – the hometown of CODE_n and one of Europe’s major tech industry hotspots. The second edition of the new.New Festival is dedicated to an open discourse on artificial intelligence and its potential to reshape all sectors. The new.New Festival works as a shared platform for carefully curated startups and experienced companies and managers, bringing together the digital leaders of tomorrow – on an eye-level.
We will take a deep dive into digital transformation, keeping the human factor at the forefront of innovation. For us, this means a threefold approach which involves using cutting-edge technologies, applying a multi-industry mindset, and taking human factors into account. "

Karlsruhe wird auf dieser Veranstaltung in folgenden Bereichen vertreten sein:

1. Ökosystem Karlsruhe

Aussteller: 10 StartUps
mapmind, Usertimes, Neohelden, La French Tech Alsace, Marble AR, HD Vision, home-iX, coview, Campusjäger und Pitchview 


Aussteller: DIZ, de:hub und KI-Firmen aus Karlsruhe

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