The purpose of CBE I Level Two is to provide additional best practices and professional skills in consulting. This training builds upon and extends the skills learned in CBE I in each of the four stages and roles of consulting, so participants can advance to “expert plus” on their journey of becoming a trusted advisor.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: As a result of attending the executive session, participants will be able to:

  • Think more strategically about projects and customer’s needs
  • Link a current project to the customer’s business strategy
  • Communicate a project’s mission and objectives with enthusiasm
  • Make an effective presentation of oneself to a customer
  • Exercise stronger leadership throughout a consulting project
  • Give and receive constructive feedback about progress on a consulting project
  • Help consultants to exceed a customer’s broader set of expectations
  • Apply techniques of managing project-related changes

In den Kosten enthalten: Workshop-Unterlagen, Teilnehmer-Urkunde, Catering-Verpflegung und Getränken (excl. eigene Spesen)

Kosten: ab 900,00 €

Sprache: Englisch

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