PURPOSE: The purpose of CBE II is to provide senior, experienced consultants with the ability to use stronger influence and negotiating skills when dealing with a wide-range of project changes. The training shows how to negotiate new customer expectations, changes in specifications and scope, budget changes, and problems with people and project teams. The program trains senior professionals to use influence in situations where they have no direct authority but must create win-win outcomes by effectively negotiating with people.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: As a result of attending CBE II participants will be able to:

  • Use three different influence strategies when negotiating.
  • Use planning tools when preparing to negotiate with clients.
  • Apply five negotiation styles and skills to be more effective during difficult negotiations.
  • Negotiate project scope, resistance, and client expectations with greater confidence.
  • Develop a personal plan to negotiate a current client issue or problem more effectively.

BENEFITS: A stimulating use of practice and application exercises, feedback, and discussion of real-life participants’ consulting challenges. Participants develop strategies for dealing with their own work situations.

In den Kosten enthalten: Workshop-Unterlagen, Teilnehmer-Urkunde, Catering-Verpflegung und Getränken (excl. eigene Spesen).

Sprache: Englisch

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