Design Maturity & Governance

AusgeFUXte Erfolgsgeschichten #1: Design Maturity & Governance

The first web seminar in the UIG series “AusgeFUXte Erfolgsgeschichten“ will highlight the topic „Design Maturity & Governance”. With Emanuela Damiani, UX designer at Mozilla and Xaver Bodendörfer, Business Unit Manager at eresult the topic will be presented from two complementary perspectives.

Understanding the design maturity of any organization can help design and product leaders to deliver high-quality experiences at a more effective level. Having a reliable and understandable governance process is essential for a healthy design organisation to foster design maturity.

In her talk Emanuela Damiani, staff product designer at Firefox, Mozilla, will share her direct, first-hand knowledge to avoid some common pitfalls.

Xaver Bodendörfer will address the question how design / UX maturity can be increased. This question is asked in many discussions with eresult’s clients. Xaver will share some insights on how they help their clients do this. Real success and failure stories from their consultancy projects illustrate the practical and business relevance.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche, full professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and chairman of the board at UIG e.V., hosts this web-seminar.

After the presentations we will provide networking possibilities (using the tool

This web seminar will be held in English via MS Teams. After the presentations we will provide networking possibilities on

Price: 10 Euro

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