Measurement of Sedentary Behavior

"Whoever sits longer dies younger" and "Sitting is the new smoking".

These headlines come from recent behavioral and health related studies. Due to such conclusions sedentary behavior demands the attention of researchers, and the general public looks on with interest. Whilst the negative side effects of sedentary behavior feature prominently in recent scientific publications, the sheer extent of these negative effects remain largely unexplored due to the difficulty of accurately determining sedentary time.With the activity sensor Move 4 movisens provides a convenient way to track the activity levels of the participants, distinguish between sitting/lying and standing, determine the level of activity intensity and trigger interventions through the experience sampling app movisensXS. Our webinar „Best practice session with movisens: The valid and reliable measurement of sedentary behavior” presents information about modern sensor solutions from movisens, and shares information from experienced researchers within the field of sedentary behavior. Enrol in our webinar to learn the best strategies to measure sedentary behavior

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