Online Scrum Community - Leadership & Agile Maturity

Leadership & Agile Maturity with Ron Eringa

Most agile implementations do not mature because organizations lack the right leadership skills to create a culture that supports the growth of self-managing teams.

In this session we will explore some patterns how agile typically matures in an organization, how your leadership style impacts this maturity and what you can do as a leader to increase the self-managing capabilities of the agile teams in your organization.

I will share a number of real-life situations that reveal the relationship between leadership style and agile team maturity. These situations will expose some of the typical leadership pitfalls and some practical tips on how to best engage as a leader with agile teams. I will also share some of the culture measurements that we have used to predict the outcome of an Agile transformation.

What you will learn

We learned that our ability to design culture has the most impact on your organization’s Agile maturity. In this session you will learn the most important pitfalls, tips and tricks on how to get started with designing an agile leadership culture.

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