RheinNeckarJS May 2019

We are very excited to host the 10th RheinNeckar JS Meetup at our office in Heidelberg!

RheinNeckarJS is a JavaScript, HTML5 and NodeJS user group in Heidelberg, Mannheim and the whole region Rhein-Neckar organized by Martina Kraus and Göran Homberg. 

18:00 - Doors open
18:30 - Beginning of the Meetup
18:45 - Thorsten: How to build and publish your own Vue plugin
19:30 - Pizza!!!! & Networking
20:00 - Dirk: WebGL
20:30 - Have a drink and talk to each other

### Thorsten Lünborg ###

How to build and publish your own Vue plugin
Creating your own Vue plugin isn’t as hard as it may sound. In this talk, we go through it step by step: Setting up a project with Vue CLI, writing a small plugin, bundling it for consumption and finally, getting the package ready to be published.

### Dirk Toewe ###

GPUs are powerful and cost-efficient general-purpose parallel processing units. It turns out You don't need OpenCL or Cuda to leverage them. All You need is WebGL! Based on a simple example, this presentation gives a brief overview over WebGL and how it can be used to accelerate computations in the Browser. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or RheinNeckarJS!

See you for a gorgeous meetup!

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