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We are tech enthusiast, seeking to improve mankind’s understanding of nature. We don’t accept failure in the face of societal challenges. We put our minds, hearts and cutting-edge technology into solving them.

We believe that while many of the global challenges we’re currently facing are man-made, their roots aren’t greed, malice or stupidity, but rather a lack of information. We use data to generate transparency about the complexity of the underlying problems. Ignorance regarding the consequences of our actions shall no longer be an excuse for bad decisions.

To better understand the reasons for the global decline of insects, apic.ai combines machine learning and image processing technologies with the specific characteristics of the honey bee. Our monitoring system captures all bees entering and leaving their hives with a camera. Neural networks analyse the camera feed to derive the number of casualties from the quantity of bees not returning from foraging trips, e.g. due to toxic pollutants. Additionally, the amount of pollen carried into the hive gives an indication of the availability of food sources for all pollinators in the area. As the health of their environment is reflected in their well-being, using honey bees as bio-sensors provides a completely new way of evaluating the sustainability of ecosystems.



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